In today’s digital world there are several platforms that businesses are using to advertise and generate leads to get jobs and grow their client base. When used correctly, these platforms can make a huge difference in the number of leads and conversions your business has. In this article, we have a look at the top 5 platforms that your roofing business can make use of. Each platform offers its own apps and services, so compare them to see which works for you or use them in combination to improve your lead generation.

1. Facebook

Everyone knows about Facebook, and almost everyone has a profile. Most people use Facebook as a social sharing platform to share their pictures and life events with the world. However, in the last year or two, it has become a great platform for advertising businesses and products. Facebook offers advertising services where you pay a small amount to increase the number of people that see it. Creating a Facebook page for your business is also very helpful, and many people have great success with their pages. Their advertising tools have helped many businesses draw new leads and build their client base.

facebook-advertising The 5 Most Profitable Roofing Lead Generation Platforms

2. Twitter

Twitter is another platform that has expanded on its original aim or use. It also offers advertising campaign options to help businesses get their names out there. They offer paid options for advertising, but also just sharing your company and pictures of your work can generate leads. Hashtags can be helpful for lead generating if you get enough people to use it. Twitter is also useful for sharing pictures of completed jobs which appeals to potential customers.

twitter-ads The 5 Most Profitable Roofing Lead Generation Platforms

3. YouTube

People today have very short attention spans, and many people don’t want to read much text. They are much more likely to watch a video or look through pictures. That is why YouTube is a good platform for selling your roofing services. Your video, or video series, can be on different ‘how to’, for example, how to keep your roof clean or quick fixes until the roofer gets there, etc. A YouTube channel is a good way to generate leads when you use the right tags and offer good material.

youtube-advertising The 5 Most Profitable Roofing Lead Generation Platforms

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that was designed specifically for professionals to connect. This makes it ideal for any business to use. You can join LinkedIn groups, chats, etc. It offers different opportunities for advertising and linking with other professionals. It also gives you the opportunity to approach potential partners and customers in a way that is professional and polite. If your business does not yet have a LinkedIn profile, it is definitely time to create one. By joining groups of experts in your field or connecting with leaders in the industry, you will learn a lot and also be more visible to the right audience.

linkedin-advertising The 5 Most Profitable Roofing Lead Generation Platforms

5. Google Search

Google search, or any other web browser for that matter, is the first place people go when they are looking for a service or product. This means that your business has to be easy to find in order to generate leads and get people to visit your website. If your website has all the right tags, keywords, and good content, it will rank higher and will be easier to find. That is for organic reach. If you want to increase further your chances of generating leads, you can make use of the paid options that Google offers. When you use Google advertising or pay-per-click campaigns, you will generate more leads and increase the number of potential clients and conversions.

google-advert The 5 Most Profitable Roofing Lead Generation Platforms

Any of these platforms will help you increase the number of leads for your roofing business. Most people believe that a combination of these platforms and their unique services is the best way to go about it. However, you should decide for yourself, because keeping these platforms successful in terms of lead generation will take time. Visit the platforms and see what they offer and then choose which ones will work for your roofing business.