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Why Choose Roofing Leads Pro For Your Roofing Lead Generation?

Multi-Channel Commercial Lead Generation

Social media advertising is just one way that we reach potential leads, getting our message across in the places where commercial customers can be found. Pay-Per-Click advertising is an excellent way of reaching also, as are organic search results. Customers are looking for contractors – we make it easy.

Broad Spectrum Advertising

Paid advertising and Pay-Per-Click advertisements are just ways that we attract qualified residential roofing leads. We also leverage social media platforms, making full use of their capabilities and reach, and also blogging. All of these are incredibly effective on their own, together and they are phenomenal.

Discounted Leads for Swift Replies

Residential customers are very often in something of a hurry, so the early repliers to their projects are more likely to win the job. Responding to leads quickly increases your chances of making a sale and also encourages the homeowner to come back again. All of this is good for everybody, including you for the lead discounts.

Bad Lead Credit Policy

While every effort is made to make certain that our roofing contractors receive only the best and qualified leads, sometimes dud phone number do fall through the system. When this happens it is a wasted lead and we do not want you paying for those. All leads with dead numbers are credited back.

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Our Roofing Leads

Learn more about our residential roofing leads and how they can help your business.


When something goes wrong at home with the garden, plumbing, electrical issues or the roof, one of the first things that a homeowner will do is jump on Bing or Google, looking for a solution to their particular problem. Unless they are trades people themselves, they will invariably be looking for contractors rather than DIY books or YouTube videos.

It is the fact that residential customers are already actively looking for a roofing contractor like you, which makes this roofing lead generation service so effective. After all, if the customers are coming to you, you are spending less time searching for them and more time working on your business… Or your tan, depending on how business is going.


The concentrated marketing efforts that we focus on are conducted in such a way that we maximize our potential reach across the internet. Because we put the effort into encouraging customers to click through and visit it means that you don’t have to. When a customer is actively seeking out your services, your odds of making a sale are much improved.

How do we help residential customers get to where they want to be? We use paid advertisements and Pay-Per-Click *PPC) advertising, which helps our sites appear in search results. We also make use of blogging and social media channels. This broad spectrum approach makes certain that we are always where the customer is looking for help with their Roofing issues.

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Fast-Reply Rewards

Not only will fast responses to leads get you new jobs, but we will also reward you. You can increase your conversion of leads to business by more than 200% with our rewards system. There is nowhere else that you can get this kind of leads and numbers. If you make use of this leads generation service, you will never worry about future business again.

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Connect with Real Home and Business Owners

You will receive good and verified leads once you’ve signed up. Once you receive a lead from a home or business owner, you can share your profile with them so they can get to know you. If they like what they see, you will get hired. It’s that simple. We verify all the leads that come through, so you will be connected with real home and business owners.

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Build Your Profile

When you join Roofing Leads Pro, you have to complete a profile. This will include your business name, where you operate, a picture of you, pictures of successful jobs, etc. The more complete and professional your profile, the higher your chances of getting good leads. Potential customers want to hire someone who is reliable, proven to do good work, and professional.

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Receive Convenient Alerts

Once you have partnered with us and completed your profile, you are ready to start receiving leads. Alerts on leads are sent via email or SMS and can go straight to your phone. This is very convenient as you are likely moving around on a site when they come through. With these alerts, you can respond on your phone immediately and continue with your work in a few short minutes.

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Are you ready to finally take your business to the next level and have customers virtually on demand? Apply to become a partner today!