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Are you looking to generate more leads and grow your business? Roofing Leads Pro can help you find new clients instantly and easily, so you can focus on what you do best!

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Project Posting

Your next potential client enters the details of their projects, and the work that needs to be carried out, all on our website.

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Lead Verification

The phone number submitted, for every single lead, is checked for authenticity and to maintain the quality of the database.

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High Quality Leads

The end result is that you only ever receive high quality leads from home and business owners, every time guaranteed.

Why Us?

Multi-Channel Lead Generation

We are able to generate our leads from various sources, ensuring maximum coverage. The sources that we leverage for leads include: Social media channels, search and paid advertising. Using all of these channels, we are able to maximize the verified leads that we are able to pass onto you, the contractor.

Quick Call Discounts

Speed and consistency is good for everyone, so much so that we offer discounts as a reward for following up on leads quickly. We have seen that roofing contractors that follow up on a lead within 30 minutes can improve their sales leads conversion rates by as much as 391%.

Excellent Credit Policy

We always strive to make sure that all leads are checked, but despite best efforts bad telephone numbers can sometimes slip through. If a roofing contractor ever receives a bad number, or something else that invalidates the lead like talking to a renter, credit will be given for that lead.

Free reviews

Homeowners and business owners are like regular shoppers, and they will check reviews where available. Reviews are an essential part of all marketing efforts and we allow all Roofing contractors to receive reviews, free reviews. Always make sure you ask for a review because your competitors will, even if you don’t.

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Our Roofing Leads

Commercial property owners are always looking for contractors for various jobs, with roofing contractors being just one area. Always on the lookout for the best deal for their projects, they are in a position to shop around which can mean that contractor’s marketing strategy may not bear as much fruit as they would like. Residential property owners are in a similar position but may be looking in different areas than the commercial property owner.

Roofing Leads Pro brings these two different markets together under one conveniently placed roof. This way, roofing contractors not only get qualified leads but it also means that all of the hard work of marketing is done for them – why go hunting for leads when the leads can just as easily come to you? All of the leads that we generate for you are vetted for legitimacy, making certain that you only get the leads that you need.

Commercial Roofing

Every business needs a roof, especially property developers, and most will need theirs repairing or maintaining at some stage too. It could well be your future client that enters their project details into our site. From factories, to stores, small repair jobs to ongoing projects – whatever the requirement, commercial property owners are looking for roofing contractors just like you!

Residential Roofing

Homeowners all over the country, including areas that you cover as a roofing contractor, are in need of either brand new roofs or repair jobs. After logging their requirements on the site, we pass them onto you after verifying. As a seller, all you need to do is follow up on the ready-made, qualified leads as they come to you.

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Our Process

Learn more about our lead generation process

[et_pb_mw_timelinetwo background_layout=”light” admin_label=”Timeline” _builder_version=”3.0.64″][et_pb_mw_timelinetwoItem title=”Initial Search” date=”STEP 1″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″]

Whether residential or commercial customers, the prospective client knows what they are looking for and need. As such, they hit the internet with their search query. This is where paid search advertising and our specialty websites shine because we aim to be found for every relevant roofing search query.

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Within the search results the customer will find the relevant specialty site. Here they will see a variety of options to choose from to help narrow down what it is they need. Selecting roofing and various other options brings up relevant contractor profiles, yours included. Project details are obtained.

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Using the details gleaned from the previous step, the site will begin searching our database for any contractors that are able to carry out this particular type of work. At this point the leads are already warm since the customer is the one doing all the work looking for you.

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The home or business owner will be shown a list of roofing contractors that have matched with their search query. This list will show the contractor’s profiles, images and review. The contractor is also sent the project details and contact info. Contractors then follow up on the provided lead.


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Here’s how we determine our lead prices

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The physical location of a job can affect the pricing attached to it, that is payable to Roofing Leads Pro for the lead. This is because the area itself can affect the total cost of the job for the customer.

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No Monthly Fees, Ever

The leads that we provide to our contractors stand on their own merits and we believe in flexibility. There are no monthly fees involved, There are no monthly fees involved, and you pay for only the leads that you receive. Bad leads are of course credited back.

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Project Size

The actual job itself affects the pricing for leads, naturally – the more a particular lead is going to be worth the contractor, the more it affects the cost of the lead itself; some leads are just more valuable.

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Base Pricing

Lead prices will fall between $13 and $150 each. This fluctuates depending on how quickly you call the lead (the faster, the cheaper) and the roofing services that you signed up for.

Become a Partner

For the very best in lead generation, you are already in the right place. Signing up now as a roofing contractor means all the qualified leads that you can make yourself available for. Remember, our leads can attract as much as a 391% conversion rate – nothing to be sniffed at by anyone’s standards! More leads, more business and more time doing the things that you love? Why wait?

Partner with us today and watch your lead conversion rate elevate through the roof as the customers come to you for a change! Sign up today – you’ll be glad that you did.