How it Works?

Here’s how our lead generation services work

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Perfect Matching

Intuitive roofing lead generation service to match you with the right customers and projects.

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Analytics Dashboard

Enter your details and requirements on the site and receive a response almost immediately.

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Easy to Use

We believe in transparency and making everything as simple and easy to use as possible.


Get leads that will grow your roofing business in no time by following these simple steps!

Partner with Roofing Leads Pro

The process that roofing contractors, such as yourself, go through is very straightforward. Once you have signed up and partnered with Roofing Leads Pro, you will be able to create your very own professional profile with us.

Set up your profile

Create a profile for you and your business so potential customers can see who you are and what you offer. The more you fill out this profile with your details, areas you service, profile picture and pictures of your handiwork, the more professional you will appear to customers. Customers like seeing pictures of the people they hire and they like seeing proof of good work.

Get hired and see your business grow

Once you have completed your profile to your satisfaction, you literally have nothing left to do other than wait for those leads to start hitting your account. When the leads do start to come in, and they will, you will receive notifications to let you know. These notifications take the form of text messages and emails. This means that you do not have to be tied to the computer waiting for the leads to begin coming in. Once you have leads, get on them right away to get a lead discount and start earning some money. The faster you respond to leads, the higher the likelihood that you will get hired.

Manage your leads

Manage your leads and budget by using the Lead Manager tool. You can also use this tool to keep track of incoming leads and jobs that you have finished. This management tool will help you see whether your profile and leads are working or not. It will also help you keep track of jobs, clients, and your budget.

Why Does It Work?

The Potential Customer Goes Straight to the Internet

When a potential customer, whether it be a home or business owner, is looking for the services of a roofing contractor, they will almost always reach out to the internet first and fire up a favorite search engine. Entering the usual search query, like “help fixing a leaky roof”, which we actively pursue in our marketing efforts, they invariably find themselves at one of our specialty sites.

The home or business owner will then search that site for a particular service, narrowing things down to what they need. While this is happening, their choices are logged so they can be better served. They are then asked for a contact number, which we check, and they then are presented with a list of relevant roofing contractors to choose from.

Record Time Matches

When you partner with Roofing Leads pro, you will be matched with homeowners or business owners that need your services in no time. It happens fast and if you react fast, you are almost guaranteed to get the job. If the customer receives your company name and they like what they see on your profile, you will start building a customer-base that will very likely use only your company in future.

It Saves Precious Time and Money

If you are running a business, you are probably a busy person. When you partner with us, you will find you have more free time to focus on other parts of the business or even spend a day with your family without worrying about missing out on leads. We save you the time you may have had to spend on advertising and calling potential dead-end leads. We also save you money because you will need less traditional advertising methods when you partner with us. No matter where you are, you receive notifications on your phone. This means that you can respond to a query and get right back to what you were doing.

You Get a Discount for Responding

Responding to leads quickly has great benefits for you as the contractor. Not only do fast responses improve your chances of getting the job, but it also puts you in a position to save money. Roofing leads Pro has a system where you get discounts for responding quickly to leads. So, what are you waiting for?

The Process is Quick and Simple

The whole process from both sides of the coin could not be any simpler – but it is incredibly effective. All you need to do, as a roofing contractor, is to follow those leads as quickly as you can. This maximizes your conversion potential and sets you up for receiving some excellent reviews! Sign up with us today and together we can really elevate your roofing business.

Become a Partner

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